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Cross Post - Drs David & Vicki Datt - Hudson, WI

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  • Cross Post - Drs David & Vicki Datt - Hudson, WI

    I'm cross posting this since I live on the Minnesota side of the St. Croix and have posted it on MN as well...

    Amazing, awesome, kind, thoughtful vets. Hubby and wife team.

    Storm is my 7 year old great dane. As a pup, he used to have issues that likened him to snarfing down a bottle of viagra, if you get my drift.

    He hated vets. I tried Stillwater () heartless, cold, yuck... the put him under, put him back together, but he didn't like it there. So the next time I needed shots, I took him to Banfield where I think the vet was nice enough but the commotion too much for him. Storm had to be muzzled.

    A few years passed and he was fine until he had this tick thing on his neck... I tried to remove it with pliers but to no avail... in fact, it hurt him so much in doing so, he started to nip me but then stopped. Banfield was closed but the vets in Hudson were open.

    I brought him in. Told Dr. Dave that he should probably muzzle Storm just to be safe. Dr. Dave said very, very calmly, "Well..." as he was stroking Storm's head and smoothing his coat, checking his undersides, "let's just see how this goes..." and without a problem, proceeded to do everything he needed with Storm.

    No muzzle. No hassle. No problem.

    The tick thing turned out to be some sort of non-cancerous tumor that had to be surgically removed.

    I cannot say enough awesome things about this hubby/wife vet team. I will never, ever use anyone else... until they retire or move away...