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  • Fox Valley Animal Referral Center

    Fox Valley Animal Referral Center
    4706 New Horizons Blvd
    Appleton, WI 54914
    Tel: (920) 993-9193

    I highly recommend Dr. Bruce VanEnkevort. They have board certified surgeons, a great staff and a wonderful facility.
    Melisa, Bentley and Ella

    CH Divine Acres Livin' in the Fast Lane "Bentley"

    Divine Acres Busy Being Fabulous "Ella"


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    This is just my opinion about this place and it wasn't the Vet that was previously mentioned......My husband and I had the worst experience EVER with 2 of our labs who ended up there. The first one was our beloved lab who had cancer and we elected not to put him down and instead have surgery to remove the tumor (Great Lakes Vet Clinic) and wait it out. We had 4 more months with him and the tumor grew back and when it became too difficult for him to breathe, we had to bring him in to put him down at the Animal referral center (it was a sunday, our vet was closed) The staff there were horrible after he "went to sleep" It was only 2 minutes after he took his last breath and they flew in the door and kicked us out of the room and we couldn't say our goodbyes. No compassion whatsoever. Next dog had a freak accident and fell out of the boat and I did mouth to "mouth" and CPR on him all the way to the Referral center and kept him going, Once we got there, the staff threw him on a gurney (not touching him at all and not continuing CPR) while telling us we needed to get the papers filled out. This was while our puppy was laying there dying and no one was touching him. After I screamed at them to get the Dr., they finally brought him back and not even 1 minute had gone by and the vet came out and said "Goosie" is no longer with us. This was 5 months ago and I'm bawling my eyes out writing this because I feel they didn't do enough to save him. I'm an RN and that little boy was alive when I handed him over. There may be one diamond in the rough there, but we will NEVER bring another one of our animals there again. Sorry everyone, we are very bitter, we loved them soooo much.


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      I would like to second the recommendation of Dr. Bruce VanEnkevort. My Dane developed Osteochondritis and he did a tremendous job in helping him.