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8 month old male blue great down

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  • 8 month old male blue great down

    I have a male blue Great Dane. Bought him from a local breeder he is 8 months old and 100lbs. A few weeks ago he started limping on his left foot, their was no apparent injuries. Then he went under our deck and he must've got disorientated and tried to get out a large gap that he got hung up on. We've fixed the deck so he can't get under anymore. He was pretty sore, his underarms were scraped up a little and his back inner thighs were a little scraped. He was in pain for the next three days. We mixed up 3 aspirin in soft food. It seemed to help. He started getting better, then he went running after the cat and slipped and slid across the deck. Once again he started walking funny and was in pain, but not as bad as before. He started getting much better, but in the last 2 days he's not only limping a little, he's not steady on his feet and is walking as though his hips are hurting him. Having a hard time getting up and down our small steps outside. He's eating and drinking fine but looks as though he's lost a little bit of weight. His symptoms seem to come and go except for the last few days. Could it be hip dysphasia ? Or something like parvovirus? I plan on getting him to the vet but just wanted to get a few opinions

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    Yes, take him to your Vet. The limping could be pano, growing pains, but some of the other things you mentioned needs to be checked out by a Vet. Keep us posted.