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Neuter/Gastropexy in Seattle

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  • Neuter/Gastropexy in Seattle

    Does anyone have a good vet for a neuter and gastropexy in the Seattle or Eastside area? We got an email quote from the Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle and it was outrageous. Thanks!

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    Dr Wilcock at Evergreen Animal Clinic in Kirkland has a TON of Dane experience. Although I have another (geographically closer) vet for routine exams and such, I go to Dr Wilcock for the bigger stuff. (No pun intended).


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      I live in Seattle and did extensive research earlier this year prior to my pup's neuter and gastropexy. I ended up going with Dr. Tamara Walker at ACCES up on Lake City Way and was incredibly happy with the decision. I highly recommend her. Their ball park range for a laproscopic-assisted gastropexy was $1500-$1800, and our total fell right in the middle of that range. That included an overnight stay after the surgery where he was monitored by staff, and since they're a 24-7 emergency clinic, there is always an actual vet onsite which was very important to me. Dr. Walker and her staff happily and patiently answered all of my many, many questions throughout the experience. I spoke with them several times and received updates throughout the 24 hours he was there. His recovery went smoothly and without any complications - although it was admittedly tough getting a 12 month old dane to be calm for several weeks!

      I too went for a consult at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle, and they quoted me $2900-$3500 for a laproscopic-assisted pexy with Dr. Allen Johnson. Cost-wise, that was more than I was expecting, but more importantly, I didn't like how Dr. Johnson interacted with my pup. After going to ACCES for the second consult/quote and meeting Dr. Walker, it was a very easy decision.

      My vet, Dr. Cary Waterhouse at South Lake Union Vet Clinic, also offered to do the neuter and do a traditional gastropexy, but I was hesitant about it being done traditionally. His rate was under $1k. We adore him as a vet, and Dr. Waterhouse has seen my pup since he was a wee one. He recommended both Animal Surgical Clinic and ACCES as local alternatives who do lap-assisted gastropexies.

      If there's anything else I can answer for you wrt the surgery, don't hesitate to ask and/or private message me. Good luck!