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Looking For Good Dane Vet In Columbia Gorge?

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  • Looking For Good Dane Vet In Columbia Gorge?

    I know we've got a nice population of Great Danes in the Gorge; but where do YOU take your Dane, and why? New here, and looking for Vet is worrisome, since my old vet back home was so fabulous! Please help with a good Dane Vet, around Hood River, OR, The Dalles, OR, or White Salmon, WA! Thanks!

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    Dr. Vance

    I love Dr. Vance at Alpine in Bingen. He is great with our Danes and is thorough. The staff is very nice as well!


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      Thanks For The Vet Info!

      Yay! Dr. Vance is only about 3 long blocks from me! Puppy has seen him twice now. Thank you for your help. He's a sweet man, and the office staff is very helpful, as well. Sadly, puppy has horrible diarrhea...and nothing seems to be helping. Poor little fella'; he's so sweet, not even 3 months old yet, and he feels so sick! The other dogs eat exactly the same food, nothing different, and their poop is well formed; exactly like tootsie rolls, whereas poor Little Fella' is pooping 6-7 times a day or more, explosively! Worra' Worra'!