Had our first trip to Eastwood Animal Clinic in Rutland on Saturday, and *knock on wood* this is the first vet I've been to in Vermont that I've been really happy with. The staff was all very friendly, didn't give me any crap or dirty looks about the fact that Trout was wearing a muzzle, in fact they thanked me for giving them a heads up about her dog aggression and bringing my own muzzle (the last vet we went to took one look at her and told me that my dog was dangerous and that I should be careful ).

I am terrible with remembering names, I already forget the name of the vet we saw, but he was a very nice man, very conversational, made sure that I understood what was going on and welcomed any questions that I had. He has a bull mastiff at home and loves the big dogs, he was great with Trout. They also have a tech who works on the week days who shows great danes and has 5 of her own. They have lots of experience treating danes and other giant breeds, and they all seem to be great people who I would trust to take good care of my animals