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Andersons Corner VH in Toano, VA

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  • Andersons Corner VH in Toano, VA

    Great vet in Toano, VA is Andersons Corner Vetrinary Hospital. Doc(s) do most of the local Dane rescue vetting, are great people, have reasonable prices and extended hours (which have saved me an emergency vet fee more than once). Great folks, great vet!
    *~Molly and Oakley~*


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    (told ya...)

    Who did ya see? Dr. Murphy, Dr. Robb (Murphy Jr) or Dr. T?

    Stacey Gilbert is our local MAGDRL coordinator, and she also works there part time.
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      You were totally right. It's nice to have a quality, caring non-emergency option (if it was super serious like bloat, I know I can't risk the 45 minute drive to AC). We saw Dr. Robb. My local vet is still a little cheaper, but not that much so.

      Oakley came to me from Stacey, and she was there the night we went (when Oak had his seizure). She was actually the second person I called when it happened (the Richmond MAGDRL contact, Scottie, was the first, she lives a couple blocks from me... such a small world!). Thank goodness for both of them.
      *~Molly and Oakley~*



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        I love Anderson's Corner!! Great vet...especially Dr. T.

        I have found that they are also more reasonable in their pricing - my lcoal vet charges a lot more and I feel that the service isn't as good.

        So my vote goes to Anderson's Corner -