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  • question about a potential roomate

    My brother has a 6 month old male Boxer, and I was wondering if a Great Dane would be a good match with him. Would it be a good thing to get another male or a female? I've done ALOT of research on this breed, and I really want one, they are just amazing dogs! Thank you for your time.


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    I would say it depends on the individual dogs, but so long as the boxer's pedigree is full of good temperament, and the dane's pedigree is full of good temperament, and both dogs were socialized by the mother as infants until at least 8-10 weeks of age and are both well trained, I think there is no reason they shouldnt get along.

    generally, its best to have 2 males or 2 of opposite gender as females tend to get grumpy with each other.. although i have 2 female litter mates (which is a big no-no) and we managed to survive!
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      Scarlett's best friend is a boxer and she seems to love every boxer she meets. They're a good match for higher energy danes in my experience, but of course it comes down to the individual dogs.
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        My brother has a boxer that absolutely loves to play with my danes. They are a fun match, but be ready for nonstop playing! It does come down to individual temperments as well.
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          LOL - OMG - the Zoomies you'll have with a Boxer & Dane around:-)

          On the plus side - your Dane will be in Great condition - give that she/he will have a personal trainer!
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