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  • All Animal Pet Hospital -- Sioux Falls

    I highly recommend All Animal Pet Hospital in Sioux Falls.
    Dr. Dayton Williams is an excellent vet that does not overinflate prices.
    I even had the pleasure of working for him for several months before moving out of state.
    While he does not specialize in danes, he has fixed many botched crop jobs done by less than knowledgable vets.
    His specialty is birds and exotic animals (he is the zoo vet).
    I've known him since I worked at the zoo and started going to him when I got my first dog. When I moved back to the midwest semi temporarily.........I drove 3.5 hrs to bring everyone to him (having aquired a few more critters since the first dog).
    He helped Gunther with a broken tail, multiple issues with the other dogs, my pet rat which had picked up lice from field mice (thankfully not transmittable to humans), and my chinese water dragon who was a sickly little thing.

    He has referrals coming from the tri state area as he is the main expert in birds in the area. Danes aren't too common around there (he told me to stay away from any local breeders when I started looking........he'd seen too many health issues from local breeders) but he is quite knowledgable in any question one might have. If he does not know the answer..........he will find it for you.

    Chris, mom to: Keiko--husky/shep mix (RIP), Gunther--great dane, Nigel and Posey--rat terriers, Pasta--cockatiel, Louigi--peach fronted conure, Hamlet--blue crowned conure