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    We are preparing to move from Windsor, Ontario to Regina SK. We have to travel the Canadian way in order to bring stuff that can't cross the American border. I have tried looking at hotel that are pet friendly along the trans canada why...but I have found they have a 20lb limit on dogs!!!! OMG! Anyone have any advice?? Where should we stay?? Has anyone else done this drive with their Dane? What did you do?

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    I've only stayed in a hotel once with the boys in Canada and it was a small motel in PEI. I had no problem finding places to stay with them while in the states, though. Days Inn had no pet weight restrictions in Bangor so they may be worth a check.
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      I'm in Texas, so probably not a lot of help to you, but we always stay at Comfort Inns. Their websites all say 20 lb limit, but of all the Comforts I have called, only one actually used that weight limit. I would at least call the hotel and ask about their pet policy, if you haven't already, just to be sure. Good luck!
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          I second comfort inn! They saved us during the blizzard we were trapped in. Call and check the weight limit. If you have a CGC it helps. I found some that were willing to bend the rules (comfort inn) others that would not (LaQuinta though supposedly usually dane friendly) when I explained my circumstance

          Good luck
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            A few more links to try : and

            Good luck with the move! I'm originally from Regina so I'm a bit jealous


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              I've also found that those pet restrictions are sometimes flexible if you call the actual hotel, as opposed to the chain, and talk to whoever is there. I've collected letters from other places we've stayed saying that my dogs were quiet, clean, well-behaved guests. I carry a couple of these letters in my glove box just in case and usually just telling someone I have them is enough to get them to let us stay


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                Comfort Inn and some Holiday Inn's have pet friendly rooms with no restrictions.
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                  Originally posted by MasterSarge View Post
                  We are preparing to move from Windsor, Ontario to Regina SK. We have to travel the Canadian way in order to bring stuff that can't cross the American border. I have tried looking at hotel that are pet friendly along the trans canada why...but I have found they have a 20lb limit on dogs!!!! OMG! Anyone have any advice?? Where should we stay?? Has anyone else done this drive with their Dane? What did you do?
                  Ha, ha! Pet travel used to be my bag, baby!

                  Some of the other advice was right on. I'm afraid my pet travel recommendations are limited more to luxury travel. But it is generally best to call the front desk of the specific location at which you plan to stay, rather than the trunk number for the entire chain. I'd say that's true for any special considerations you might hope to gain.

                  From what I've seen, many of the chains, like Comfort Inn, are quite accommodating.

                  As a responsible dog owner, I was pretty annoyed by the stupid pet policies I encountered, over the years. (Funny enough, back in the '70s, when I first started staying at hotels with Danes, very few restricted pets.) I felt as though most guests (esp. young children) were much more likely to be trouble than my silent, scrupulously-clean, well-mannered dogs.

                  I will only plead this... When you do stay at a hotel with your Dane, please make sure it is quiet. Also, make sure it is clean (and smells clean). It must be housetrained. (I can't understand people who aren't bothered by indoor "accidents".) And if it is allowed on furniture, bring a covering to protect the hotel's chairs or bedspread. (I travel with a black, king-sized flat sheet, to cover the bedspread, since my Danes sleep in bed. A flat sheet doesn't add a lot of bulk to my luggage, but still does the job.)

                  Most pet policies are the result of inconsiderate past guests.

                  Pet policies vary wildly...even within the same chain. ((The Four Seasons, for example (used to, at least) only permit dogs under 20lbs. Yet the Toronto Four Seasons downtown has no size limit, and puts together a pretty nice package, including Dane-sized dog bowls, treats, bottled water, a dog fancier magazine and, get this, two hand towels and a Dane-sized quilted bedspread with my dog's name embroidered on them. Sadly, they don't permit (even perfectly-behaved, silent) dogs to be left alone in the room (even with the DND sign on the door to keep staff out), so they can't get my full recommendation.))

                  Best of luck on your trip!


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                    We always stay in La Quinta Inns (not sure if an option in Canada) as they have no weight limit or extra pet fee. Kakarot spent about 15 minutes in the main lobby playing with the front desk employee and all the guests coming to/from the breakfast area.

                    The one time we stayed in a hotel with a weight limit we just kept Kakarot in the car while we checked in and then made a mad dash for the room and hope no one saw him.


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                      No advice but hi from a fellow windsor resident!!

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                        We have traveled extensively with both our Danes - just got back from a 4100 mile road trip that included a brief stop in Canada. We use (filter by "pets allowed") and to search for accommodations. Both have mobile apps as well. According to Tripadvisor there are >> Hotels (5,311) | B&Bs/Inns (6,719) | Vacation Rentals (6,724) that are dog friendly in Canada.
                        We rarely have a problem with weight restrictions - just call ahead and get it waived. There is a huge difference between dog "tolerant" and dog "friendly" - I make sure to leave reviews reflecting my experiences so others can benefit. On this last trip we stayed in La Quinta, Microtel, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and a very upscale Loews in Philadelphia that was incredibly dog friendly - even had dog food on the room service menu. On past trips we stayed at Best Western, Drury, Sofitel (also incredibly dog friendly), Kelly Inn, Candlewood, Comfort, Sleep Inn, and on & on. There are thousands of hotels these days that allow dogs.
                        On you can also search for dog parks, outdoor restaurants that allow dogs and other dog friendly locations. There are also apps and websites that let you find rest stops on your route.
                        Here's a link to my previous post about travel tips, hope it helps:


                        Have fun!!
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                          International relocation with Dane

                          Hi all,

                          I'm feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated. Recently my family has received orders to move from Ohio to Budapest, Hungary. As great as it sounds, my main concern is how to get my GD there safely. We have contacted several private pet shipping companies and received quotes from $5,000.00 - $8,000.00. We are at a loss when we consider those prices. Then, when we consider flying commercially with him in the belly of the plane, we are then charged with the duty of building a large enough crate with very specific guidelines that the airlines require. We have about 9 months before we have to move and I cannot imagine leaving my baby behind, even with a loving family member.
                          We cannot be the only people to ever travel internationally with a large dog, can we????


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                            Geno my best advice to you is start a new thread with that title. I know there have been threads about that before but maybe there is some new info out there now.people probably are thinking this particular thread is still mostly related to hotels.
                            Have you checked with PetAir and Lufthansa? That's how my first 2 were shipped. Giska was already 113 lbs when she came over.


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                              La Quinta inns are pet friendly and I don't think they have a weight limit.
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