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giant breed vet in westchester co.,ny

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  • giant breed vet in westchester co.,ny

    HI Everyone.. I have a 15 week old male merle dane. I'm looking for a vet that specializes in this breed and have not had any luck finding one. Any suggestions??

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    I don't know any, but you could try contacting your nearest Dane club and see if they can refer you.
    Asaah ~ xxx Asaah LaLa, CGC, registered therapy dog


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      Westchester has a dog show every year by the Westchester Kennel Club. Go on the internet I am pretty sure it is in September. There will be a few local people but you will not find a vet that just specializes in one breed. See if there is a Westchester Kennel Club Meeting and go. I have had danes my whole life and havent had a problem with a vet not knowing abut large breeds. As for now any vet can give the first set of shots but after that please have your dog titered. You can look it up on here. It is much safer for your dog and needs t be done every 2 years. OVER EXPOSING has been now known t give your dog health issues down the road. Hood luck and if u need me private message.