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Can anyone recommend a vet near south jersey?

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  • Can anyone recommend a vet near south jersey?

    Hi everyone, I've been using the vet i had for my other pups but he has never cared for a Dane . He had told me to fix him at 6 mos old, even I know that's a no no .. I really don't trust him caring for my guy, can someone please rev omens a vet near south jersey??

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    I've never taken my dane, but I've always loved Blackwood Animal Hospital. It's right on the Blackhorse Pike. I've been taking animals there since the early 90's, and my family took their dogs there before that. Now I see Dr. Braz at VCA Healing Center in Yardley PA. Dr. Marx did Freyja's spay and pexy.
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      Ya know who you should look up? Dr. Warren Briggs. He is a long time frequent poster here on DOL and is VERY dane experienced. If I lived in NJ, I would see him in a heart beat. Super nice guy that has given out a ton of advise here on DOL!

      I did a quick google and I believe he is at this vet hospital:

      838 River Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701
      (732) 363-7202


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        I've been taking Capone to Pitman Animal Hospital since 12 weeks old. I live in Deptford NJ. Everyone I know raves about them. If you got a huge problem that others have a hard time to diagnose, id go to the UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA HOPSPITAL . Their AWESOME and will get to the nitty griddy of a hard to diagnose problem. Pitman Animal Hospital makes every dog and owner feel like their a special visitor!! Nothing but good I can say about their treatments and visits!!