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    I am a new client of Yankee Hill Vet in Lincoln, NE, but so far have liked the staff, and thought the vet was very knowledgeable. The vet, Dr. Brown, used to work at an ER Vet clinic so he has done a lot of gastropexys which made me feel better about having him do Karma's.

    Yankee Hill Vet
    2829 Jamie Lane
    Lincoln, NE 68516
    phone: 402-421-8111

    any else use a different vet in the Lincoln area?

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    I know this is old ... but we have been going to Nebraska Animal Medical Center. I really liked Dr. Pretzer, and he does laproscopic pexies as well. We are also doing puppy classes through them ... pretty excited. I heard the trainer has 3 danes? Maybe you know her?
    Merlin and Rexi


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      Pitts does a lot of Dane work

      Pitt's Vet clinic does the vet care for the Dane's being Fostered by Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Inc. It's a big clinic and the vets there are knowledgeable and the staff is friendly. They have great hours too.