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  • Socializing Dane Puppy

    I find our 5 month old Dane has trouble socializing with others because she is SOOO BIG! She has all that puppy energy and her size = a lot of dogs don't really like playing with her. She is already 55lbs. and we would really like her to make some friends. Any suggestions??
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    I am thinking about the same things right now. I have a 3.5 month old 50 lb dane and i have other dogs at the house and they play fine but i want to make sure she is well socialized outside of my home as well. I have been thinking about looking around and see if there are any great dane groups in my area that meet up for play dates or anything so she can romp with dogs her size (you may want to look into that as well). Also I want to start taking her to the dog park soon that way she gets use to all different kinds of dogs and people.
    One thing i decided to do is to do a group obedience class with my pup, which will not only help with her manners but will also help with socialization.
    good luck!
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      Where in NC are you located?
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        I am located in Greenville, NC if anyone is interested in a play date! My Dane is 7 months. We go to the dog park as often as we can and he LOVES it. But he likes to pick on the dogs who don't want to play with him. :-)