Dr. Mike Keach at Grant Creek Veterinary Clinic in Missoula. Very approachable. He is the go-to vet for advanced orthopedic procedures here, but always advocates for trying all conservative measures before surgery (Yay!)

When my old Bobo developed neck pain, I was prepared for XRays, MRI, etc, but he looked me in the eye and said "Would you want surgery for this old guy?" I said "NO, of course not, he's 10 and would have a lot of trouble with recovering! I don't want to put him through that!"

Vet: "Then I don't think we need to do hundreds of dollars of Xrays and scans. Let's worry about managing the symptoms and keeping him comfortable, keeping him as active as possible. It doesn't matter what it is, if we are not going to operate. We can manage this medically."
PS. He is also wonderful with cats.