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Vet near IL/WI boarder?

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  • Vet near IL/WI boarder?

    I live in WI right on the boarder in Pleasant Prairie. My current vet is actually in IL. I know they have treated some danes, but really am looking for one that is more familiar with the breed. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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    I am in Woodstock, IL (near the IL/WI border too). I am NW of Chicago... I can't place Pleasant Prairie?

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      I'm in Kenosha, so I'm just a bit north of you. I've been taking Annabelle to Regner Vet since she was a pup (she's 3 now) and she loves it there. I have never had a dog that enjoyed the vet but then again she's my first dane - and danes are pretty different. I am curious to hear if there are any vets in the area that specialize more in Danes - I am not aware of any.


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        New to the forum and new dane owner. Looking for as much information as possible on what to expect with my new puppy. I also am looking for any vets that specialize in dane cropping. I also live in Kenosha if that helps narrow down the choices. Thank you.