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Greater Orlando Area - No Fences???

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  • Greater Orlando Area - No Fences???

    This is a bit random, but, my other half has been in talks with an employer located in the greater Orlando area. We won't actually go for a "real-estate trip" until an offer is accepted, however, we've been looking on sites like Trulia at houses to see what's out there. Is it just me, or do only 1 in 50 houses in that area have privacy fences?

    We're accustomed to being able to let the fur-kiddos go out the door and potty/play. I can't imagine having to take them out on a leash every time in the suburbs!

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    It is so going to depend on where in Orlando & the neighborhood. I lived just north of Orlando 10 years still orlando area and now am north west of orlando a little farther out but Orlando is still only a short drive, not sure I personally see us as Orlando really now as much as outside of Orlando.

    Anyhow- last neighborhood was a nice neighborhood. Mid level homes I would say, not starter not golf club if that makes sense. We had the white pvc fence there, loved it for privacy.

    Now, we can only have rought iron style (black aluminum) kids are not 100% accustomed to seeing every single dog, person etc but they are getting used to it. As long as they have fences or you can add one you should be all good. They are fine to let out To play etc for a long as it's tall enough it shouldn't matter. The only difference besides the obvious privacy is if you or a neighbor has small dogs you would need the puppy fence at the bottom..imagine baby sizing the slats, so you double the amount at the bottom foot or so so they can't stick their head or body between..our neighbors have it bc they have 3 little ones. Half or more here in my neighborhood don't have fences mainly bc they don't have a need for the added expense. Probably the same in the last one as well. The one upside I can tell you for an aluminum fence is that you get to have the breeze-which in the heat of the Summer even a little relief is nice. But no more walking the pups in teeny Jammie's anymore!

    What part of the country are you in.? I moved to fl from nc and I found central Florida to be very different. There is a great interweaving of nice areas and not so nice areas so be sure to get a great realtor. What part of Orlando you choose to be in...well you will see a big variance in home prices too. I love N of Orlando on personally but I can't stand the heavy traffic and etc. But until recently had everything needed within 5 min, now I have a 15 min drive..not terrible.

    Feel free to pm me if you have questions I will try to help, I know there are a few central fl people here. I am very curious what they are calling greater Orlando area?

    On another note I LOVE it here..even when it's hot as heck in the summer. Days like today make up for it when I almost needed a jacket for work today. I need a fleece tonight but that's because I have thin FL blood! Lol

    Hope this helps some.
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