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  • traveling to japan

    Im writing this because Im in desperate need of help....Im moving to Japan on military orders and i just found out they will not take my great dane due to her size and weight... A pet travel company estimated me for 7500 dollars(custom build crate $1200 alone) Im heart broken because i cant afford this!!!! every time i look at my baby girl i just wanna cry. i was wondering if there is anybody here who could help me find a cheaper way to build a crate or give me any tips on how to go about with this move. I dont have anybody here i could turn to, i came to California with my wife 6 months ago as a military spouse and left everything behind in NY
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    How old/big is your Dane? You might want to contact all local Dane rescues and ask if any of them have travel crates. I know someone mentioned here on DOL that a rescue near them had one donated to them once. So sorry you are having to deal with this stress!
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      I'm moving to Germany in a few days (military orders for my hubby) and went through the exact same thing! We ended up going through a service called Happy tails, have have experience shipping Great Danes. There is also pet express, all pet travel, and pcs All have good reviews are are fairly decent priced! You will have to get a custom crate though, you could purchase one yourself or ask around at rescues/go online. We ended up paying 3,500 that included all ticket expenses, all traveling fees, a custom built crate, and peace of mind knowing he'd get there safe and sound. Hope that helps!
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        (hugs) That has to be so hard.

        Hopefully one of the previously suggested ideas will help, if not, you CAN get in touch with Dogs on Deployment and they will keep your baby safe while you're gone. I know you said you're moving and not just deploying there, but it's something you could look into if everything else falls through.


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          traveling to japan.

          Thank you sooo much for all the replies, i will definitely look into local dane rescue. ive contacted pretty much all the professional pet transport agencies and they are pricing me between 5000-7500 dollars. I CANT imagine leaving Abby(my 5yrs old baby-girl) behind. I would never forgive I'm trying to cut the cost by doing it myself. Thank you again for all the good ideas


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            traveling to japan

            Abby is 5 yrs old. 44inches tall and 48 inches long.
            so i need a crate thats at least 48tall and 52 long...
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