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Looking for vet in Sherman Oaks area

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  • Looking for vet in Sherman Oaks area

    Hi! I'm a new Dane mama to a 2 month old mantle girl named Harlow.
    Harlow was purchased from a breeder about two hours away from us
    and was kept outside the last 4 days before I brought her home. I had
    no idea of this until he told me the day I picked her up.
    Anyways, I keep getting mixed information about Danes and am
    having trouble finding a vet that specializes in them here in
    Sherman Oaks California. If anyone knows of a vet that works with
    Great Danes here in SO, or surrounding areas that would be
    greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Not sure how far you are willing to venture from Sherman Oaks but you might want to look into the West LA VCA. The VCA has many offices all over So Cal. The vets are really good. The West LA VCA is huge and has just about every specialty you could want. Not sure if they have a vet that specializes in Great Danes exactly, but it's worth a phone call. I currently take my dane to the Westlake office but my lab had ACL surgery at the West LA office with their orthopedic specialist and they are awesome there. I haven't needed anything beyond vaccines and an accidental ingestion of my older labs meds. Nothing specifically Dane related but I know they do the Pexy surgery there.


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      You could also PM Artbrass and see if he ever found a clinic he liked. He was looking for one in similar areas.