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Laparoscopic Spay & Gastropexy - Bay Area, CA

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  • Laparoscopic Spay & Gastropexy - Bay Area, CA

    We found a fabulous 24 hour specialized and emergency vet, in Dublin, CA! After speaking to friends about our interest in getting Dakota pexied, we were pointed in the direction of Vet Care here in Dublin. After a consultation with Dr. Nikki Wimmer, we had a meeting with the laparoscopic surgeon - Dr. Haburjak. He was very reassuring, confident, and excited for the opportunity to complete both surgeries as uninvasively as possible.

    He dropped Kody off at 9am, and were called around 2 with an update, and sent a text of a photo with her IN one of the vet techs laps, cone and all ! They absolutely adored her, and for a nervous 9 month old puppy, that helped wonders! After picking her up around 5 (they offered to keep her while she was doped) we got a call the next day from Dr. Haburjak himself to see how our little girl was doing.

    With it having been a laparoscopic procedure, the largest hurdle was keeping Dakota quiet. By day 2 she acted like nothing happened. I've attached a photo of the two tiny incision points.

    The cost was extremely doable, but I was truly more happy with the doctors themselves. I really wish they were not just specialty medicine! I would love to bring Kody here for all her checkups as well. I VERY much recommend them!
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    Kody (Dakota), Harlequin Great Dane
    Gizmo, 3 year old sassy black cat

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    Second the recommendation for VetCare in Dublin

    Called Vetcare after reading Kody'sMama's post and found them to be extremely pleasant and knowledgable. Renee the Vet Tech (who has a Dane puppy) spent a lot of time on the phone with me answering LOTS of questions. Surgery went smoothly. Felt really good about the care she received there. Laproscopic appears to be the way to go. Cost was very reasonable and everybody we dealt with from the Surgeon(Dr. Haburjak) to the office staff was pleasant and caring.
    Received 3 follow up calls after surgery.

    Thanks for the recommendation.