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Show cropping vet in central/northern California

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  • Show cropping vet in central/northern California

    We will hopefully be needing to find a vet this time next year that does show crops in the Central Valley which is Stockton/Modesto area. Willing to drive but our last vet is now 6 hours from us. Looking for anyone who personally had a puppies ears cropped so they can show the results if possible. I am doing this early so I can get as much information on them as possible. Thank so much!


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    Not sure how far you want to go but Dr. Popkin in Santa Rosa is excellent. I've heard Dr. Hoskins, also in Santa Rosa, is really good, too, but I've never seen his work.
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      I'd second Dr. Popkin, and also know people who have used Dr. Frace in El Dorado Hills. Neither of mine are cropped, but I know several dogs who have been cropped by each of these vets, and their work is excellent. I actually had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Frace to crop Puffin when we got her, but then didn't go through with it because I love the floppy.
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        I use Frace, let me know if you need the number


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          Several of us travel to Jackson CA. Dr. Stacy has cropped several of my show pups.
          12340 Trade Center Dr
          Jackson, CA
          (209) 223-3504


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