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My Dane is dragging back leg...any advice?

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  • My Dane is dragging back leg...any advice?


    My 5 year old Dane is dragging his right, hind leg and hanging his head. Although the doctor did not say it was Wobbler's, I am afraid that it is.

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a good Southern CA vet neurologist?

    Have any of you had a similar problem with your Dane?


    Gail, mom to Penny (Mantle, 6) and Brick ( Harlequin, 5)

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    I don't live in your area, but it sure sounds like wobblers to me, IMO. This is how Toby started. Carried his head low, dragged his back left leg, and also had a widened gait...

    The only other thing I can think of is a mild stroke?

    But I would get an MRI and x-ray ASAP.

    Good luck.

    Dori: 7 years (TDI, CGC), Toby: RIP SWEET BOY (CGC), Cami: 7 years (TDI, CGC)



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      Gail, I'm from Ohio so I can't really help with the name of a vet, but two of my friends have had dogs with wobbler's. Both were young dogs (ages 1 & 3 I believe). One decided to do the spinal surgery cause her dog's case was severe. The post-op recovery is lengthy, but Gracie is 9 years old now and still doing well. The other friend did gold bead therapy and also had success. Cody is around 10 now and is also doing well. I figured I could at least give you a couple positive stories just in case it is wobblers.Dawn
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        Duke just had spinal surgery in Roseville Ca. It may be to far but I really liked the neurosurgeon. His name is Dr. Kortz 916-797-6387 If it's to far ask them for a referral. They are open 24 hours.