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    I will be getting a new puppy on March 27 she will then be just over 8 weeks old.
    I grew up with big dogs and always wanted a Great Dean or a Bull Mastiff . I've had Pugs for the last 16 years and now down to the last one who just turned 9 years old. Doing a lot of reading but always open to advice .

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    Welcome, congrats on your new pup. Hopefully he/she is from a reputable breeder who can guide you through any questions you may have later in life. My advise is just to find a high quality *adult* kibble and keep the puppy lean. Dane puppies are not supposed to be chubby like other breeds are as puppies. Limit exercise to free play and dont take him/her for long walks until at minimum 6-7 months old, and even then keep those walks at a mile or less.
    ~Kelsey, mom to~
    Kumah-merle Great Dane 4 years
    Nala-fawn Great Dane 2 months
    Cece- Calico 4 years
    Sammy- Black Domestic Long Hair 3 years
    Tyke- 4 months


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      Welcome! Read through all the old posts, there's a ton of great info there! Best advise at this point is to make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder who shows, health tests, etc. also decide on what rules, training, hand signals, etc you want the puppy to follow before he gets home and be sure everyone in the house is in agreement. Everything will go smoother. And get in a ouppy class immediately and also start with basic training and manners the day he gets home. You won't believe how fast he'll grow!
      Asaah ~ xxx Asaah LaLa, CGC, registered therapy dog