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Need a Great Dane vet in AZ

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  • Need a Great Dane vet in AZ

    I am looking for a vet in Arizona that is familiar with Great Danes. I took my 3 month old boy Dane to a vet near my house and it did not go well. They wanted me to redo his puppy shots since they had not administerred them, and change him to large breed puppy food from Nature's Domain, as well as a whole other list of things. Needless to say, we will not be going back.

    I would prefer the Phoenix area, but as far as Casa Grande is also convenient. I would really like to find one in the next month to discuss neuturing/tacking his stomach since he is quite a fast eater.

    Any Suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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    I'd e-mail some people associated with the Great Dane Club of Arizona. Would be a good place to start at least.
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      I went to dr hareski at horizon animal hospital in Scottsdale. It's around the 101 and frank Lloyd wright I believe. The whole staff was kind and compassionate and dr. H really listened to my concerns. I went there for a second opinion but would highly recommend her.


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        Arrow Animal Hospital

        I've been taking a my dane to Arrow Animal Hospital since I got him. They're located on 51st and thunderbird its a bit far but well worth the drive. I would recommend them all but Dr.Roger is really nice and he has multiple great dane clients. They have a great puppy package and I also asked apout neutering and gastropexy at the same time and it is very affordable. The staff is beyond nice and my puppy enters willingly (:


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          We also use Arrow hospital, great place for the most part. Some vets are better then others.