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We are moving to Phoenix

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  • We are moving to Phoenix

    Hello, leaving green WA state to forever be in AZ.
    Will be in small house with tiny back yard and adult daughters CAT -Help
    How will I ever train Ms. Gretchen Gracie - age 7 years young to not chase kitty?

    And we have enjoyed open spaces, will be our first dog parks.

    Any Danes and families out there in zip code 85015???

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    I have a friend in that area, and she's got 1-2 Danes living on her street. So, I don't think you'll have too much trouble finding other Dane people. Also, the dane drill team used to practice at roadrunner park (just up rt 51 a bit). Not sure if they still do, but may be worth looking into! When will u be moving?


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      I'm about 30 minuets from there. In phoenix drive time it's not that far. I know we have some Phoenicians on the forum.

      You CAN train the dane not to chase kitty. You need a solid, solid leave it command and use it before the dog gets too excited and starts the chase. You can also use desensitization protocals.
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        Phoenix ---soon

        Thank you for reply - this reply to your reply is a first in my life!

        Kinda new to relating to others via computer - moving in March, medical situuation in family. Probable will remain in area forever

        Interested in setting up weekly Dane doggie meets in the future?

        Ms. Gretchen Gracia LOVES to run and interact with other dogs, but most others dogs are intimidated by her size. She is never jealous or mean with other dogs, just BIG.


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          Phoenix - soon

          Thank you for your reply - I replied to the text that showed up above your, but new at this and not sure if my reply goes to bothe of your replies

          Yep - I am new at relating to others via computers
          Maybe I /we/ or group can set up weekly Dane play dates ?
          Need to move in March and set up life first, will check DOL often
          ENJOY YOUR PUP