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    Dr. Bill Wallace at Buena Pet Clinic 900 N. Swan. local GD club recommended him to me when I moved here. I've been very pleased with him. I also like Dr. Claire Rosen at the same clinic.
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    I see Dr. Nightengale there, too-- he is great. Not a great experience with Dr. Halbach, as he tried to give my 4 month old puppy a fluroquinolone (type of antibiotic) for kennel cough when (1) she had simply a runny nose--he kept saying the cough would go away, but she NEVER had cough! and (2) that antibiotic type is relatively contraindicated in children because of studies in larger breed puppies showing growth plate problems. So why would I EVER give it to my constantly growing dane pup!?!?!? Of course, my pup didn't get the antibiotic, the runny nose cleared on its own, and needless to say I will not be seeing him any more. I did involve Dr. Nightengale in my decision making and he really helped me through it all.


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      we also use Buena,,,,and Dr. Wallace was the one who cared for our Brutis at the end,,,he was amazing,,,,very compasionate and took one look at him and knew what was happening,,,,and now Marley has seen him as well,,,,,