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  • Allow me to introduce myself!

    My name is Alison. Last spring, we bought our first great dane, a black with natural ears. She was beautiful! Unfortunatly we didn't know anything about the breed or what to expect from a breeder. We got her from what I now know as a back yard breeder. She died a week later from parvo. When we spoke to the "breeder" they offered to give us her sister. UM?? really I'm not that stupid! So, we learned from this! It has been a year full of research and reading, finding reputable breeders and learning about the breed. I am happy to tell you that I found my breeder in December. And I have waited for a litter. The breeder has just had a litter, and my fawn boy will be coming home in JULY!!!!
    I just wanted to get to know some of you, and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me, before I bring my pup home??


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    RE: Allow me to introduce myself!

    I would definitely say that one of the important things I have learned here about danes is to feed dane puppies adult dog food. Don't feed them anything with more than 21-24% protein in it. As I soon found out, large breed puppy food had 28% protein. So we switched to Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice. Anya has been doing great ever since.

    If you ever have any specific questions, don't be afraid to ask them, someone here will have the answer.

    Welcome to DOL!:7


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      RE: Allow me to introduce myself!

      Hi, Alison!
      So sorry about your 1st dane baby!!!
      Congratulations on your new baby. I bet your are excited and cannot wait to get your fawn home.
      There are a lot of folks here willing to give great input/advice.
      Sara & Odin


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        RE: Allow me to introduce myself!

        Hi - congrats on finding a new dane! And I'm not sure if you were placing blame on your breeder for your dog contracting parvo but it wouldn't be your breeders fault unless she didn't give any shots. But even after they've been given their first round of puppy shots they still may not be immune which is why they need more. Nobody really knows exactly when the mothers immunity wears off but the shots are inneffective until it does. I know quite a bit about parvo and vaccinations since our German Shorthair contracted it a year ago. She pulled through just fine but it was very expensive to treat and she had to stay at the vet for several days. If it's caught soon enough it's usually treatable. Make sure your new pup is vaccinated properly and you'll avoid the heartache of losing another pup.


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          RE: Allow me to introduce myself!


          I sent you a PM



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            RE: Allow me to introduce myself!

            Nope. No advice...if you really have found a great breeder, their advice is all you'll need! In the meantime, I guess I'd just read the board and absorb and/or ask any questions you wish...

            Just wanted to say congrats and welcome to DOL!

            I bet you are excited!
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              RE: Allow me to introduce myself!

              Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your first baby, that is so sad.

              It's nice to hear you're getting back on the saddle though, best of luck with the new pup!

              You'll need all the regular dog stuff; collar, leash, bowls, crate, food (adult 23% or less protein), beds, and of course, a BIG bottle of Nature's Miracle!

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                RE: Allow me to introduce myself!

                I dont place all of the blame on the breeder, because I know that parvo is easily spread! But the pup didn't have shots and i wasn't willing to take the chance that the littermate had it as well.
                I am so excited to have a new babe coming soon, and that I tried to do all the right things this time makes me feel better about the whole thing.. Thans for the input so far.
                :}( Alison


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                  RE: Allow me to introduce myself!

                  But the pup didn't have shots and
                  >i wasn't willing to take the chance that the littermate had it
                  >as well.

                  That was very wise, Alison, to not get a replacement from the same litter. But I have to ask at what age was a "breeder" letting puppies go to new homes without shots? I'm curious...Jo
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                    RE: Allow me to introduce myself!

                    Hi Allison. I was very saddened to hear about the sick pup after only a week! That is just a shame. I'm sure your new pup in July will be just fine. There are LOTS of experienced Dane folks here to help you thru the "new puppy transition" and feeding,'s not as hard as people make it out to be. Congrats and welcome to DOL.