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I'm Naya and this is Adore

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  • I'm Naya and this is Adore

    Hello Everyone!

    I have a new addition to my family! It was my fiancé, myself, and Bunny our nine month old Siberian husky, but last week we added Adore, a one week old Merle male. He won't officially be in our household for seven more weeks, but he's practically family already.
    Now, I've been reading about dane nutrition and feeding for the last few weeks, and I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to do. Bunny is fed with a Kyjen slow bowl, and I've purchased another one for Adore, to help minimize bloat by decreasing how fast they puppy will gobble the food. I'm about 5' tall and I use a little step stool which I was thinking of using to elevate Adore's bowl in the meantime while he grows. But there seems to be enough contradictory information online for either elevating the bowl or keeping it on the ground. To me, the obvious reason is to alleviate the dogs joints while they stand and eat, but does it actually do much for bloat prevention?

    Any opinions, suggestions, and advice will be greatly appreciated in regards to the dane puppy upbringing.

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    Welcome and congratulations! It will be so much fun to watch your puppy grow.

    If you go to the food (kibble) forum, there's TONS of information on what you should be feeding a young Dane! The general gist of it is that you don't want the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of any kibble to be too high. Do a search there for more info.

    And as for elevating the bowls, there is, like you said, a ton of conflicting information there. We use a slow-feed bowl and elevate Gracie's dishes to prevent her from inhaling her food. I don't know how much the elevated dishes do to really prevent bloat, but I imagine it's probably more comfortable than making her strain her neck to eat.
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      Congratulations on the new member of your family looks like a beautiful dog. Can't wait to see pictures as he grows up.