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So thrilled! Say hi to my little miss Justice!

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  • So thrilled! Say hi to my little miss Justice!

    Hi All,

    Let me tell you this forum has been essential and invaluable in preparing for my dane. I've been reading every post on every subject possible for the last 2 years. Saturday I FINALLY got to bring home my 8 week old little girl Justice. She is sweet yet feisty! Hasn't gone potty in her crate once yet and only a couple mishaps in the house which is on us for not watching her close enough. First couple nights she woke up every 3 hours to potty but last couple nights she goes 5-6 hours before waking up. It's great! Only irritating thing is the puppy biting which she is learning not to do slowly but surely! She came right into our home with our 10 year old corgi and 2 cats like she had always been there. My fiancÚ who is a self proclaimed not a dog person adores her. He stops by twice a day from work to let her out and calls me after I let her out at lunch to see how she did...he's so hooked! Just thought I would introduce us. She has her first vet appt today. Just need to get her looked over and the orthopedic waiver signed so her Embrace insurance waiting periods will start. Let the journey begin!
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    OMG...she is so cute! Congratulations and welcome to DOL!!!


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      Welcome, cute girl!
      Asaah ~ xxx Asaah LaLa, CGC, registered therapy dog


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        Welcome! What a pretty girl.


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          You've got an adorable girl on your hands. Congrats and welcome!! I really like her name as well.
          ~Kelsey, mom to~
          Kumah-merle Great Dane 4 years
          Nala-fawn Great Dane 2 months
          Cece- Calico 4 years
          Sammy- Black Domestic Long Hair 3 years
          Tyke- 4 months


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            Thank you all!