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    Eli Update and Thanks

    Thanks for all for the incredibly helpful posts. Attaching a pic of my boy at just over 16 weeks. Will take some new ones when the sun comes back out.
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      Originally posted by Eli'sMom View Post
      In my na´vetÚ, I didn't know what bully sticks were when I first bought them. I have since seen some concerning information about the possibility of barbering bacteria. I would appreciate some feedback on this. Thanks.
      Unless your pup has a weak immune system, I wouldn't worry. A dog's gut is far more able to handle bacteria than ours. The concern is for yourself, you should always wash your hands after handling them (and any treats and kibble, they are often contaminated with bacteria as well and more a risk for you than your dog).

      Originally posted by Eli'sMom View Post
      Out of curiosity, how long did it take for Bea and Chip to hang out? I have two 10-yo cats that are displeased by Eli's joining the family. One of them is standing his ground, but the other one is in hiding most of the time. I'm trying lots of encouragement and patience, and special cat treats (aka tuna), but to little avail. It's been about 6 weeks since Eli came home - I'm expecting it to take about 3 months, but I'm curious about what others have experienced. BTW - Eli doesn't chase or torment, of course.
      Not to be a Debbie Downer, but Finn is almost 10 months old and my cats still hate both dogs, whether they are chased or not. My cats are nearly 6 and not dog savvy, so they just don't care for dane go in their house. They're now to the point where the cats will come in the room when the dogs are sleeping, but that's about it. The cats have a dog free space and plenty of places to get up high. I've pretty much given up on them being friends and have settled for no one trying to kill each other.
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