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Meet the unloved/malnourished/sick dane baby.

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  • Meet the unloved/malnourished/sick dane baby.

    Just wanted to introduce my little Evey Baby. She had a rough start before she came to me. Evey was given to me a few days before she had turned six weeks old. Her parents' owner drove her to where I worked to just hand her over because he didn't want to deal with the litter of beautiful, pure bred, great dane puppies that he was responsible for bringing into this world. She was malnourished, infested with worms, she had mange and to top it off she was covered in sewer water and motor oil. Regardless of the rancid smell she rode home in my car, on my lap... and has yet to leave my lap that she has now outgrown. She's only ten months old now, but she'll always be my little Evey Baby no matter how old or how big she gets. She was the first great dane that I had ever come into contact with, let alone to have as a member of my family. I have fallen head over heels in love with this breed thanks to her. My little five pound, oil stained, six week old baby now spends her days running seven acres of wooded land with her little-big brother black lab, snoozing on the couch and taking up too much room in a king size bed at night.