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    My name is Wendy, and would like to introduce Molly. I have always had medium sized dogs (have trained a couple of working Labs and a Sheppards) but have always loved Danes. Almost two weeks ago I rescued Molly from a young couple; who although the loved Molly had to give her up due to job loss, relationship break and not having the ability or know how to take care of her. When I saw the conditions Molly was living in I could not leave her there. The home was full of hazards and it seemed as if she spent most of her time either crated or tied up in the back yard by herself. She was also on very poor quality puppy chow. Molly has been adjusting well; she has done well with meeting other animals, adult humans (female and males) kids and teen girls, she was nervous of teenage boys but is slowly warming up to my 15 year old son. She does not know very many commands yet and does not seem to know how to be a puppy but is eager to learn.

    Molly is small for her age (95lbs) but my vet seems to think she is healthy and should do well now that I have just finished switching her to much better food. We are watching her closely because she is showing signs of pregnancy (the couple also had an unaltered Blue male) I have an appointment for ultrasound next week and I have my fingers crossed that its a false pregnancy.

    We are looking forward to learning much from the wealth of knowledge here


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    Welcome to DOL! Thank you for giving Molly a good home.
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      Welcome to you and Molly.
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        Welcome! Crossing fingers for y'all that she isn't pregnant! She is beautiful


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          Welcome. I'm so glad you were able to give her a better home.

          Poor baby. Fingers crossed for false pregnancy.
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            Originally posted by Molly's new Mom View Post
            We are watching her closely because she is showing signs of pregnancy (the couple also had an unaltered Blue male) I have an appointment for ultrasound next week and I have my fingers crossed that its a false pregnancy.
            Poor thing. I really hope she's not pregnant. You can still have her spayed, though, even if she is. How old is she?
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              Originally posted by kwhit View Post
              Poor thing. I really hope she's not pregnant. You can still have her spayed, though, even if she is. How old is she?
              Hello Kwhit,

              We are not 100% sure of her age but believe she is over a year. possibly closer to two. I am discussing aborting and spaying her and will make the final decision when we have her ultrasound done. She will be spayed as soon as we know exactly what the safest thing to do is, I just wish that her previous owners were more responsible. My vet does not like the idea of spaying if she is too far along. I still have my fingers crossed that it's a false pregnancy, she still has a waist is gaining weight but not at the rate I would expect from a pregnancy more along the lines of now being on a healthy diet. Her apatite has been steady (no increase or decrease) she is not mothering anything and does not seem uncomfortable. I have tried to contact her previous owner to ask a few questions with no luck, they have not returned my calls or emails and there has not been anyone at the home when I went back.


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                Hoping it is a false pregnancy! Thank you for taking this girl in!


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                  A quick update on Molly. We have been having a check up once a week with her vet (who is young, also new to me and Danes)At the second appointment she said she felt what she thought was pups but did not have ultrasound at her office; so I booked an appointment with my old vet (who is a vet for Dane Breeders) and had an ultrasound done. The only reason I don't use him regularly is that he is 2 hours away and I have yet to convince him to move North... LOL... Back on topic, we did two ultra sounds a little over a week apart to ensure there was not a delayed implantation and both we negative for puppies... Whoohoo.... It was most likely a false, so when her hormones are fully in check hopefully a few weeks she will be spayed.

                  I will probably keep both vets; the close one because she is close and does do after hours for emergencies... They are both good with it and I believe he will be able to teach/mentor her some... (I'm all for education)

                  When I got Molly I switched her to Eagle Pack, which she is not overly fond of. I think she misses the sweetness of the poor quality food she was on. So while I was researching everything I could find on caring for her while I thought she was pregnant and how to ensure everything would go well for her and babies. I also researched many foods and think that I have found one she likes much more and is much healthier then Eagle (no corn or wheat) Its Fromm for Large Breed. She seems to like it and unless I have missed something I think it is a much better food.


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                    molly is beautiful!! glad you found a food she likes and SO glad it was a false pregnancy.

                    i'm curious...her coat looks brown in the picture. my bentley is a fawn merle with a chocolate brown coat sprinkled with black here and there.


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                      Hi Charlene,

                      Thank you very much. I was told she was a black, but I don't think she is a true black because in the right lighting she looks dark brown, she also has a think white stripe on her chest one white toe and white diamonds on the back of her feet... I'm starting to wonder if she is pure Dane as well, she is not very tall she is only about 30 inches, does not have the lips that any of the other Danes I've met have and loves the water like a Lab... lol I didn't even think to bring it up with my old vet when we saw him and I don't know of any reputable breeders in my area to talk too either... The closest one I could find is at least 3 hours away...

                      I'm glad she likes the new food too, but I have to admit that it's probably the cheese in it... Everything is better with cheese.... lol


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                        Females are typically 30-33" when full grown. They are shorter than the males.

                        As for the lack of lip -- many BYB danes are from what I've seen around here anyways. Very "greyhound-ish".

                        All the white.... I've seen that on a lot of byb's as well. She could very well be a purebred dane.... just not a wellbred dane.

                        Also, lots of Dane's swim and love the water. You just got lucky and got yourself one!

                        Doesn't mean you love her any less I'm sure she will make a wonderful pet.
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                          Thank you,

                          You"re right it doesn't make me love her any less. She will be a wonderful pet, she is catching on quick wit her training and seems to be enjoying it.


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                            There Is Nothing Like A Dane!!!!!!
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                              If she's under 2 years old she would still be growing so she could still put on another inch or two, making her an average sized female Dane.
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