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  • Hello Everyone.... My name is Eric, and live in Upstate New York near Syracuse. I have a Blue Merle (profile pic) that is almost 2 yrs old. This is my first Great Dane and am absolutely in love with my dog. He is a 9great companion and goes everywhere with me. I joined this group because he has stopped gaining weight and want to get some information about his weight. He is 37 inches tall and weighs about 140 lbs. He's eating between 10 and 12 cups of food a day with cottage cheese and pumpkin mixed in. We have also been giving he Satin balls. Not sure if it's because he's not neutered or if there is some other issue. My wife thinks he looks skinny but I think he's just lean. We walk a lot, sometimes 4 or 5 miles a day, (through the snow now), plus playing in the yard a lot. Best retriever dog I've ever owned. Anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks