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"No-Name" Craigslist Rescue Introduction

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  • "No-Name" Craigslist Rescue Introduction

    Introducing...the no-name kid!

    This is "No-Name" (taking suggestions!) we rescued off Craigslist 2 days ago... We've been talking about rescuing or fostering for some time now, and when I saw her on Craigslist I just couldn't leave her where she was... Not the route I was planning to take, but hey everything happens for a reason. I was led to believe I was picking her up at a house, but it turned out to be a warehouse and the guy said he had 30 dogs... Said he got her to breed her and decided not to because he got into a different breed, so didn't have space for her. Well, she's a merle, a conformational wreck, not spayed, has definitely had puppies who knows how many times, bald spots and huge callouses from the concrete, flea eaten, is full of worms, has a raging bacterial infection in her intestines, skin and bones...and sweet as pie. She seems to be totally house trained, but does not know sit, down, stay, etc. but goes right in her crate when I ask her to, and comes when I call. (May be because of the worms/infection she's so sweet and docile, this may change! Haha.)

    Anyway, there was no way I was leaving her there, so not sure if she's staying here or if we'll turn her over to rescue (I would foster her) but I'm hoping she's staying! She and Capone haven't met yet since I knew she was ill just didn't know what, so I'm juggling dogs right now and it's actually easier than I thought! (So far!) They're in the same house I've just got them in different areas at different times, Capone is in his dog room while she's crated downstairs, and different areas of the yard at different times. She's due for another fecal in 9 more days, so it will be a slooooooow introduction time. They're aware of each others presence but haven't had a face to face, which I was planning on doing for a while anyway.

    More about No-Name...the guy doesn't know how old she is, says he's given her all her shots (except rabies) himself so of course no vet records, and he said she has food aggression with other dogs. (Um, yeah prob because she's starving!) She weighs 100lbs right now and I can see all ribs. The vet guessed 3 by looking her over, but she moves like she's 100... I'm concerned about her gait, I'm not sure if she's just super weak/balance off maybe d/t infection/malnutrition but if this stays then I'm going to say wobbler-like gait. She's having trouble with the stairs, and dragging her hind feet at times, slow to get up, slow to lay down...but she's run around the yard a few times! My main goal right now is to rid her of these bugs, get her to EAT, get her healthy, UTD on shots, get her spayed then I'll see how things are going then worry about Wobblers. Trying not to freak myself out about it yet, but I can't help but notice that gait.

    I'm sure I'll be around more once again since this is my first adult, first multi-dane household attempt, first FEMALE (gasp!) dog!

    I already know I have 100s of questions but I'll keep searching for the time being!

    Taking name suggestions anytime. Wish us luck!

    (whoops, guess this shoulda been in introductions!)
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    She is soo cute. I can see why you had to take her and give her the family life she deserves. For some reason, the name Layla popped into my head when I saw the pic. No idea why. Good luck with her and I am sending positive vibes for her recovering. No wobblers! No wobblers! No wobblers!


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      Oh wow! Thank you so much for helping this poor girl!

      Try to get some probiotics in her, and see if that helps with the tummy mess and appetite. I agree with keeping her and Capone separate until she's in better shape, though I wouldn't delay it too much longer. Work on building her trust, hand feed her all her meals, teach her eye contact... How is she on a leash? Poor gal has probably never worn one, so you'll need to get her used to it for the intros with Capone.

      I'm excited for you, I hope this works out
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        What is wrong with people??? Tales like this are heartbreaking and so frustrating!
        I hope she does well for you (very pretty girl) and that Capone is accepting. Crossing my fingers that things work out well...

        ETA: I like "Annie" as a name...I guess my first thought was Little Orphan Annie...
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          since you have Capone, I think her name should be Italian. Sophia, Olivia, Bianca, Nicoletta (my sister's name, she's gorgeous like your girl too!), or if she's got a PITA personality when she comes around, you could name her Stuggots, or Putana
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            Thanks guys!

            She's actually great with eye contact so far, which surprised me! But we're definitely working on it, working on trust. I've been trying to hand feed her kibble but she's not interested yet, she does however take jerky-like treats by hand really nicely. She ate some canned food last night and some this morning, they've got me mixing powder probiotics in some canned food for 10 days once a day. She's on 2 different antibiotics every 12 hours for 10 days, she had a de-wormer yesterday, and then the pellets in 2 weeks. Her stool is pudding poo with visible worms... The vet said "she is LOADED". They told me to keep them separate until she comes back with a negative fecal which is 9 more days. I REALLY don't want Capone getting sick...

            So...since she's not long are we thinking I can get by without spaying her? I obviously want her to get her healthy, get her weight up, get rid of the worms/infection, etc. before traumatizing her with surgery. Capone is neutered and only humps other boys (haha, seriously.) and our yard is fenced...but you know, I just worry having an intact around! It's foreign to me.

            I will try to get more pix up soon! All photos of her are sleeping...because she is so lazy bones. She makes Capone look like the Tazmanian Devil. (I never knew what you people with calm Danes were talking about until now, haha.) She met Parker's parents yesterday and was totally cool with meeting them, did super well. She does get kinda pushy around human food (Parker had a chicken wing last night and she wanted it...bad.) So we know that's an issue!

            Oh, and as for the leash...nope, don't think she's ever seen one! We had her on a leash yesterday at the vet, and she doesn't mind that it's on at all, but it will be some work let me tell ya.
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              Originally posted by Dana Kline View Post
              since you have Capone, I think her name should be Italian. Sophia, Olivia, Bianca, Nicoletta (my sister's name, she's gorgeous like your girl too!), or if she's got a PITA personality when she comes around, you could name her Stuggots, or Putana
              Haha! I know, the FIL thinks she needs a female gangster name since we've got Capone!
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                What a wonderful thing you have done for her. I just don't understand the way some people treat animals...

                And I agree that you need a gangsta name for her to go with your sweet Capone!!!
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                  She is a beauty! You are wonderful for taking her and making her life better. As far as the calm Dane thing, it might be too early to tell. She is obviously nervous, being in a new situation, and can't be feeling real well with the worms and all her other issues. Once she is healthy, and feeling more at home, she might liven up. That is what happened with my boy!!!


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                    Congrats on the rescue. I agree with the others, it is perplexing how people think they can treat dogs in such a bad way.

                    Anyways, here is my $0.02 worth on the naming matter at hand:
                    • Alba - meaning dawn
                    • Bibiana - meaning alive [you could shorten to Bibi]
                    • Cosma - meaning order or beauty
                    • Felisa - lucky
                    • Gemma - precious stone
                    • Marta - lady
                    • Nilda - armored warrior woman
                    • Zeta - meaning little girl

                    The names I underlined are ones I would strongly consider if this was my dog. If only dogs we rescue could actually tell us a story verbally rather than act out the tales. You should be proud of yourself for saving a life.

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                      thx for rescuing!! she is so pretty, keep up the hard work and i hope her and capone's intro goes well



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                        Wow, what a story. I am so happy you got her out of that horrible situation. I would name her Doll. It seems like in old movies gangsters are always calling their ladies Doll. Keep us updated on her progress.
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                          Well...Capone's girlfriend's name was Gladys.

                          She's really pretty, she's very lucky you rescued her.
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                            Sooo glad you rescued the pretty little girl! I would still keep Capone away from her stools until you have 2 negative stools 3 weeks apart! You could introduce them after the first negative stool, but continue to pick her stools up right away. I would wait atleast a couple of months before spaying her. Get her feeling more comfortable in your house & healthy. Hopefully she won't go into heat, but who knows when her last heat cycle was. Good luck!!
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                              What a pretty girl. OMG, the way some people treat animals, just makes me sick. She is one lucky girl to have ended up with you instead of someone who just wants to make a buck off her.