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  • My Introduction

    Hello fellow Dane lovers!
    I just found this site today on a Google search and thought it a pretty nice site, so here goes.
    I have been a Dane love since I was 11 years old. My parents bought a Great Dane - his name was Sir Lancelot Yawns Alot - otherwise known as Doc - he was a CRAZY dog! That dog was the fastest dog I have ever seen. He galloped like a horse and - well I wasn't necessarily a responsible dog owner in my teens - so I would let him off the leash and he would run wild - me helplessly trying to run after him to get him to stop.
    This particular Dane learned how to catch birds in flight. I know it sounds unbelievable, but I would come home from school and find dead birds in our back yard. I had no clue what was going on until one day when I opened the side gate to our property, walked through and caught a stunning site: Doc was fully vertical, entire body off the ground. He leaped up at the perfect moment to catch that bird!

    Well, anyway, he also used to take live firecrackers in his mouth and let them explode in there, as well as carry around our Chihuahua in his mouth.
    Yup - Doc and Nuggets - the Chihuahua - were best friends. Doc decided that he would carry her around in his mouth and Nuggets loved it!

    I do not, of course, recommend at this stage in life in having your Great Dane take lit firecrackers and have them explode in their mouths......

    I have 2 Great Danes now. Duke and Prince. They are both purebreds. Duke is the runt of the litter - his tail is hooked at the end making his tail look like a giant L. He was born that way. Prince is jet black excepting his white chest and white-tipped paws. At 120 each, they are small for Danes. I guess I could say I'm lucky cause' they don't eat as much as bigger Danes.

    In reality, I didn't get Danes for show animals, I got them because I love Great Danes. The best animals on earth. I'm tellin' ya, the only animal that comes close is a horse. My current Danes both came from a home whose owners were losing their home in this ARM crisis. I really didn't WANT - TWO - Great Danes - a lot of food - but I decided that I wanted to take them because I knew I would give them an excellent home with lots of love.

    My 2 Danes are going on 4 years old, I've had these 2 for 10 months now. They weren't neutered when I got them - and dang if it don't cost too much to get them neutered now that they're full-blown adult Danes.

    I've had to re-learn about Danes as I haven't had any since I was a teenager with Doc. Bloat and hip displaysia issues, as well as what kind of food to give them and how much exercise they actually need versus over-doing it. Not to mention the cost of feeding 4 dogs - I have 2 other dogs as well. One of them is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog mixed with Great Dane. Has the head and face of a Dane but the body of the Leopard dog. The other - a Rat Terrier - basically rules the house and tells everybody what to do - lol. I also find it - well it's crazy the amount of dung that ends up in the back yard every day! Nasty!!

    That's my intro. I am coming here really looking for more info on Danes - my experience with them is tremendous but I'm sure there's more I can learn.

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    Welcome! I'm sure you'll find lots of useful information on Danes here.

    Originally posted by TrooperRat View Post
    Well, anyway, he also used to take live firecrackers in his mouth and let them explode in there
    Okay, I'll be the first to say it... WTF?
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      Well, I did say I was a teen at the time.
      I was out back one day lighting off firecrackers.
      Doc came up and picked the thing up off the ground.
      I tried to get the thing out of his mouth - I thought his head might blow off or something!
      I wasn't able to get it out, the thing went off and he shook his head around - which was his way of doing things anyway.
      Being dumb and young, I lit off another one, threw it on the ground.
      He picked it up, in his mouth, another explosion.
      I would never do this now with any animal - but I will say that there were no side effects that we could see with having a fire cracking blowing up in his mouth.
      I mean - the stories I could tell with the things that dog did - too much.
      I'm a normal person now : ) I just like to play with my doggies and pet them and walk them and - whatever. They're too fun!


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        Welcome Well, there are dogs out there that are plain old crazy. I know a lady who had a Cheasapeake Bay Retriever who was crazy. This dog took a flying leap while his owner was using a chainsaw and bit the running chains and sawed his teeth down. We couldn't believe that he didn't kill himself or severely get injured. Every time after that the CBR would go into attack mode when that thing was turned on. He had lots of issues and was dangerous and fearless though so it didn't surprise us.
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          Well now that IS just plain crazy! Dog's lucky his teeth weren't ripped out of his head!
          I had another dog that was something of a sadomasichist. He would run through barbed wire fencing routinely/matter of course. He would do all kinds of self-destructive things. He was a great dog - but - his doings ended up undoing him. I remember frequently examining his underside to see that the barbs of that fence had left gouges the entire length of his underside.
          Anyway, all my dogs now are pretty normal except one of the Danes does have somewhat of a temperament problem.


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            Wow that some intro. Welcome to the forum.


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              Welcome! Hopefully DOL provides you with all you're looking for

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                Welcome to DOL!
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                  Wow, I lost track of this site. Haven't been here in ages. My Danes I introduced myself with are both long past gone and in doggy heaven. I now have another Dane, a Harlequin. Beautiful dog with European blood lines. Perfect health, typical, hilarious Dane temperaments, lol.