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Quick intro from Hamilton, Ontario

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  • Quick intro from Hamilton, Ontario

    Hi everyone,

    I recently had to put down my baby, an Alaskan Malamute, and feel like something's missing. Although I have 2 other babies (they're cats) which are SPCA specials, there's something missing. I need another dog in my life. Not anything small, my parents have a shi tzu (sp?) and my cats dwarf her. Anyone who's had a big dog as part of their family would understand immediately why I want another one. I've always loved the look and personality of any Great Danes I have come across so I've been out here trying to research and see if this beautiful dog is for me. I hope so.

    What I'm hoping for is to connect with anyone in the general area of Southern Ontario that I can talk with, or maybe someone who knows someone that I can talk to. Are there any breeders in the area or does anyone know who would be closest to Hamilton, Ontario where I live.

    Maybe that wasn't the quick intro I thought it would be but I look forward to talking with others.

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    RE: Quick intro from Hamilton, Ontario

    Jen: I don't have any info for you, but I'am sure someone will read this and be posting with some helpful information. I just wanted to Welcome you to DOL. Sorry about the loss of your Alaskan Malamute. It is hard to be without a dog for long.

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      RE: Quick intro from Hamilton, Ontario


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        RE: Quick intro from Hamilton, Ontario


        I'm in Hamilton and so is my breeder. I'll PM you my phone number if you'd like to chat.

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          RE: Quick intro from Hamilton, Ontario

          Welcome to DOL. I lived in Hamilton for six years , know the area pretty well. Our breeder is from west of Kitchener but she is really super great! There are a number of good breeders in the area surrounding Hamilton, within an hour and a half drive. You are lucky actually, the closest one to where we live now is five hours. It is totally worth it though to find someone who is a good mentor and friend as well as reputable breeder. Good Luck. I know that for us, just knowing that a dane will be part of our family soon makes feel complete.


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            RE: Quick intro from Hamilton, Ontario

            Welcome! I'm sorry for the loss of your Malamute. We lasted about 6 months when we lost our Lab/Golden.


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              RE: Quick intro from Hamilton, Ontario

              Sorry everyone for taking so long to reply, I've been having computer problems.x(

              However, I would love to hear from anyone with breeder info. especially if it's only approx. 2 hrs away. I'd really appreciate it.