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Hi all the way from England

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  • Hi all the way from England

    I have just become a member of Great Danes Online, I have browsed the site many times and enjoyed all the items I have seen what a great website!!! I then decided to get more envolved (for want of a better word) I became member...and hope to enjoy many chats and dicussions on my favourite subject....Great Danes!!!
    I live in Falmouth, Cornwall, England and I am lovingly owned by three Great Danes (although I prefer to call them my babies). They are Bailey 2 years old Black boy, Fern 14 months old Blue girl, and finally Benson 13 months old Fawn Black Mask boy (my cuddley baby).
    I have had Great Danes for 33 years now, and have had many happy times, with all my Danes, as well as the very sad times when God calls them to join him in heaven. My last one to leave me was Oliver a true gentleman, he was 13 years old...a very good age for a Great Dane. I do still miss him very much.
    My very bestwishes to all of you, and big kisses to all your 'babies'!! Sherley, Bailey, Fern, and Benson

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    RE: Hi all the way from England

    A very BIG welcome to you from Idaho!

    My babies own me too! I would not have it any other way.

    Take Care,


    ~*He who is cruel to animals, becomes hard also in his dealings w/man. We can judge man by his treatment of animals*~

    ~Immanuel Kant~


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      RE: Hi all the way from England

      Hi and welcome from Australia. This is a very informative site, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Greetings from Flash, a black female, 16 months, who is my baby!

      No matter how bad my day, Flash makes it better!


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        RE: Hi all the way from England

        Welcome to DOL!!!

        Ami, Lily and Nelson
        'Rest in Peace my sweet Tuesday'

        LOOK at my babies!:


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          RE: Hi all the way from England

          Hi and Welcome to DOL. Be sure to post pics of your Babies.

          "Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative." Mordecai Siegal

          Linda, Dave, Jesse, and Kitties, Cassie, Pekoe and Emma

          Linda and Rocky
          Jesse 1998-2007

          Harley 1998-2002
          Breeze 1973-1982


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            RE: Hi all the way from England

            Black, Blue and Fawn! You've got a dane rainbow going on over there! Welcome.


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              RE: Hi all the way from England

              Greetings from the U.S.!

              I am new to DOL, myself, and it has already been so helpful for me. How wonderful it will be to have someone with your years of experience in the group!



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                RE: Hi all the way from England

                Thank you Sunny for those words of welcome. I suppose I have some experience and knowledge of the Great Dane, after all the years I have had living with them!!!! They are such loving and majestic dogs...sometimes I look at mine and in a strange way I cannot put them in the 'Dog' catagory, they are so human, as I say my babies!!
                I wa so thrilled to get so many messages, and so warm and welcoming. I seem to find that people that are owned by Great Danes and truly love them are very warm and friendly people, and seem to stick you agree.
                Once again thank you for your words of made me feel most important!!! Seriously though if I can help anyone with a problem they may have with their Great Dane...then I am only too happy to give my personal advice. I would only be too happy to join your board...that is if everyone agrees.
                HAVE A GREAT DANE.....Sherley, Bailey Benson and Fern


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                  RE: Hi all the way from England

                  Hi Sherley

                  I'm also from England, Colchester in fact. As you've been browsing for a while, I'm sure you're only too aware of how addictive this site is. Welcome to DOL.


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                    RE: Hi all the way from England

                    Hi back at ya, all the way from California! Welcome to DOL, and remember, we love pictures!

                    Gunner's Mom (Janet)

                    To see my boy ...


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                      RE: Hi all the way from England

                      Hi Kelli I do have to agree with you this site is very addictive..every afternoon and evening I am there on my p.c. straight to Danesonline. First I see if there are any messages, and then I go to the pictures....aren't they just great? So many cuddley babies...did you see my cuddley baby, I sent his picture of when he was only 3n weeks old...bless.
                      It is so good to hear from you all....great bunch aren't they Kelli?
                      Do you go into the chatroom on this website?
                      Best wishes to all of you Sherley Bailey Benson and Fern
                      By the way Benson is the 'star' with his picture in pics. of the week.


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                        RE: Hi all the way from England

                        Hi everyone just a thought...if anyone would like to see my cuddley baby...Benson then just look at 'pic of the week' archives week 202...and there he sits in all his glory, at 3 weeks old!!!! Bless him. Best wishes to all Sherley, Bailey Benson and Fern:-(


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                          RE: Hi all the way from England

                          Welcome! It's always nice to hear from someone with so much experience.