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    Hi, I'm Maciliel, a Great Dane and Tolkien fan in equal measure. I've posted a question about ankylosing spondyliasis in the health forum. Our beloved Dane, Gomez, has been living with it for 2 years. Does anyone else's Dane have this arthritic condition?

    We've done acupuncture and traditional medicine. Right now he's in pretty good shape, but his hind end is slowly growing weaker. We used to play fetch and take him on long walks in the woods. Now walks are a couple of blocks and back, and fetch is a toss right to his mouth from a few feet away. Occassionally he'll zoom around the yard, but he regrets it later. He's a good buddy around the house though, so we miss his exercize more than he does I think.

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    RE: Hello

    Welcome! I'm sorry Gomez is having this problem. Is this the same as Wobblers?


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      RE: Hello

      Hi and Welcome. Poor Gomez. I can't offer you any help with his arthritic problem, but maybe someone else will see this post, that has more knowledge and can give you some info.

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        RE: Hello

        Welcome! I'm so sorry that Gomez is having some trouble