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Soon to be a new Dane owner

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  • Soon to be a new Dane owner

    Hi all...

    I am so excited, I just had to share. We are getting a Blue Dane puppy in 9 weeks. He's not even born yet and I'm already excited about it. I have done a lot of research and read a lot of good things on this site. My only concern is how to introduce him to our three ferrets. Any input would be greatlay appreciated.


    Renee and Scott
    Smoke, Missy and Rock (the 3 furkids)

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    RE: Soon to be a new Dane owner

    I know how you feel. Sisco just came home a few days ago, but I waited for about the same amount of time you did...agonizing, isn't it? As for the ferrets, all the ferrets I know are ornery and adapt very well. They are curious as all get out, though. Don't be surprised if one day your puppy is peacefully sleeping and gets a surprise visitor.:P


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      RE: Soon to be a new Dane owner

      All of our dogs and cats get along very well with my daughter's ferret except for the birds! Birds taste yummy...just like chicken ha!

      I would just supervise at playtime until they are acquainted real well, and then make sure the farrets do not bite the pup real hard durring play and scare him too bad. We who have farrets KNOW how hard they bite, even when they don't mean to don't we!?!

      Take care, and congrats on your new pup!


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