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My puppy won't eat

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  • My puppy won't eat

    Hello, all. I have a female Dane that turned 1 in December named Molly. She hasn't eaten in 9 days and the vet doesn't seem all that concerned with it. I called and asked to bring her in again (the first visit, they did X-rays and determined she has a partial blockage in her colon and gave me meds to help her pass it and soothe her tummy) and they told me they need payment upfront. I tried begging and they just flat out said no. And many vets have said this to me. I feel like I'm losing my girl and no dr seems to care!!! She has no interest in food, she mostly sleeps somewhere near me (I work from home) and she shows aggression when I try to give her her meds. My husband doesn't have this problem, she doesn't intimidate him and she knows it but he's a truck driver and away all week. I'm desperate to save my girl. Does anyone have any advice for me? Home remedies, pet financing, anything? I'll try anything at this point!

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    OK. 9 days is a long time. Want do the vets want to do that they require payment up front? Surgery? If needed, you should get on board with it. Many vets offer payment plans and/or financing if you don't have the $$$ up front. Think about pet health insurance when this emergency passes.
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      I can't seem to find a vet that offers a payment plan. And apparently, I'm the only person she won't eat for. My mom and husband hand feed her and she takes it. Yesterday was the first time she ate anything. Me, she bares her teeth at and refuses. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And I personally can't get her meds in her for the same reason. But my mom and husband can. They both work and can't be here all the time. It's very frustrating


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        See if you qualify for care credit....look to see if there is a vet school/learning center near you... check with Dane clubs and/or kennel clubs near you to see who they might recommend for a vet,...check with rescues & shelters to see who they recommend... there are ways to work this out and get treatment.. A blockage is very serious and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible...not addressing it can lead to dying of intestines, toxins building up among other things.
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