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    Hello! We have a male seven month old merle that goes by the name of Seven. He is very well behaved and has picked up on his training really well. The only behavior we've had trouble correcting is that he will stop mid-walk and refuse to walk forward. This is usually triggered by other dogs barking from inside fenced yards, people stopped at a distance, loud car engines, and sometimes for no apparent reason. We've tried treats, and attempting to get him to focus on us instead of the distraction and these strategies don't work too well. We sometimes have to push him forward to get him to start walking again.

    One thing that I would add is that only one of his testicles has dropped. Could this be a reason why he stiffens up? We also plan on getting him neutered soon.

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    Having a retained testicle will not cause the behavior you describe.. Also recommended not to neuter until at the very youngest 12 months of age but ideally not until 18 -24 months. As far as stopping when there is a distraction, he is at an age where he is easily distracted .I highly recommend getting him in to a good obedience class where he can learn along with you how to handle distractions of all sorts.
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      Has he always done that or is it something he just started? Sounds like it's his stress response. Some dogs growl, some dogs jump up and down like a maniac, yours freezes up! Are you working with a trainer right now? My hunch is it is something he will outgrow but you might want to try hiding a favorite squeaky toy in your jacket. When he freezes up, get out the squeaky toy and make it play time! A forward-moving play time! Once he's moving again you can redirect the walk and encourage him to settle down and walk however you choose. He may already have the skills to play, then self-calm down, but a lot of puppies have to be taught that, so you might could use it as a training opportunity for that as well. That might act as kind of a pattern-interrupt for what he's doing. Also I agree on waiting to neuter but there is more research being done on that and I'd encourage you to research as much as you can and make your own decision. I waited until my boy was 3, based on the facts that his aunt died of cancer and there's been SOME evidence of correlation between early alteration and osteosarcoma, also I think the gastropexy is more effective on a dog who has done the better part of his growing, but mostly for me, I just went off personal experience. My longest-lived Dane was neutered at 3, so I'm trying to do most of the same things with my current guy.
      I hope some of this helps! Good luck!


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        Hi, have your tried a haltie, it is like the gentle leader but I think its a bit better made? My obedience trainer recommended it. My puppy is 5 months old and will stop and bark at people when we are walking, he's nervous or maybe being territorial. The haltie has really given me more control and allows me to get him back on track.