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    Hello, so happy to be a Member. We are a pack of 4 at the moment. We have Selena Grace, our blue girl who is 5 years old. Willow Rain is our pack leader and the packs boss. Sometimes, it is appropriate to address Willow Rain as "Bossy", she has earned the nickname and she will be six years March 22nd. Willow Rain is our packs Fawn Lady. Willow Rains daughter, Brooklyn Rain, is our 3 year old Fawn Mantle pack baby. Although Brooklyn Rain weighs the most at 230 pounds, she is just a Huge lap teddy bear and loves her hoomans. Last but not least, Navarre is the only boy within our pack. Navarre will be six on March 23rd. Navarre is just like a 200 pound boy. Slobbers all over EVERYTHING. He doesn't think he must listen or obey my hoomans however, my hoomans always gets his attention and he will finally listen - he gets away with nothing. I think he is just all boy and enjoys tricking my hoomans mommy. Navarre is our black boy and his mom is a Harlequin. We are so much fun and we do LOVE life. We are excited to be here with everyone of you. I know we are going to have so much fun.

    Selena Grace
    Willow Rain
    Brooklynn Rain
    Navarre =_=

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    welcome to DOL! sounds like you have a great pack, would love to see pictures. dane boys are such a hoot! i've had 3 over the years and each has been so goofy and lovable. just last month, i lost my boy to kidney failure and i really miss having a male.


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      Welcome to DOL. Sounds like you have a house full. I too love the boys. Mine is such a big ol' love bug. Andy ,yes, he's goofy too. Anyways, I think you will find a lot of interesting reads on here. Enjoy.
      Roxy & Ace