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  • GROWING & NUTRITION Weaned to 2

    Let me begin by introducing ourselves., My name is Kathy & my Husband is Joseph., Married 26 yrs., have been sharing heart and home with large to giant breed dogs since 1985., with now our 4th Family Dane since April 2019...
    And no... you can never love too mu Paw on or Paw Off the vet scale ♡
    Danes opened my eyes & my heart & soul to this precious gift of a dog., Benjamin is our first blue., our tallest at 38-39" at withers., same with weight depending upon how hes standing he can take off or gain weight at 150-160., lean healthy and blessed to have him so., adopted him from Rescue Aptil 2018., 4 mo after his sis at 12 passed on., we adopted him 10 yrs to the month of adopting Sasha & from the same Rescue... yeah .... the nutritional needs for these precious beings closely noticing this relationship in 1986 ... pet foods then were well TERRIBLE.,so I cooked for my Doberman Bubba for 10 yrs he was a puppy mill dog yes. Even with excellent care he made it near 11... the first year and how I fed., yes I believe had much to do about his mild to moderate periodic orthopedic issues throughout life., a good & happy life., that first year. I wish there was so.eone who couldve helped me., all I learned with dogs. Self taught... I began in depth I mean I still study into their health & nutritional needs., upon what I have seen what poor foods are out there., not just poor but low quality grade diets these foods contain meats that have yes antibiotics fed to the animals used in our pets food., hormones., pesticides in growing ingredients., this alone can signify illnesses in our dogs most think its because of the ingredients so they change food., sadly as most foods are made the very same way., given a handful made well.. how we feed not merely in what we feed matters alot too., Need I say BALANCED is a term thrown around with blatant disregard., AAFCO is a joke., just minimal nutritional requirements needs to be met.... it's truly a rarity in foods even today to see a well made balanced food for dogs even less for large to giant breed dogs., with in upwards of 80% of foods are light meat with meals dominating the market., nothing else to high fillers., singular or only 2 meats. So sad... even if these foods have a balanced CaP ratio., consider if this food has trace minerals., moresp if the nutrients are SYNTHETICALLY ADDED ... feeding equal portioned meals 3x a day feeding this way atleast up until 2 is best. After 2 feeding twice a day will suffice., or just feeding 3 smaller meals a day reducing possibilities for bloat ... whom most may not realize., a giant breed dogs their specific needs are delicate and need to be met with exceptional wholefoods wholeprey meats fish grains veggies greens fruits and excluding whatever foods your dog has intolerances too. Maintaining balanced nutrition Especially in the first year is a BIG BIG DEAL., as a huge majority of their height is gained by as early as 8mos of age usually by 1 theyve reached their adult height., takes humans 18 yrs., how delicate is this ballet of nutrition & balance., the quantity of meat to remaining growing ingredients need to be met for one., as 50-66% need to be quality grade., wholeprey. Wholefoods., of cartilage bones muscle & organs known as glandulars., there needs to be atleast 3 meat & or meat fish with meat or wholeprey wholefish being the first ingredient not a meal., meals only elevate protein really., the growing ingredients like greens grains fruits * veggies about 10% of each fats oils then trace minerals calcium 0.8-1.4 same for phosphorus digestive enzymes OFA several strains of lactobacillus... all vitamins nutrients minerals should be all natural not a vitamin enriched pack added this is almost always synthetic., added mainly due to high heat processing ruining destroying any natural goodness the food once contained., never free feeding or exceeding fat or calories no meat by products or bio Engineered goods., cause there goes healthy growth ., inflammations., possible heights too high., long skinny puppy legs forming loss of musculature
    , a very sad sight considering the nutrients they are getting in their kibbles & can to not exceed... finding foods processed kibbles and can at low heat temperatures as this allows more of the goodness to remain... feeding 3 separate equal portioned meals., not exceeding 10-30 calories per lb according to age health and activity level., elevated feeding not above front hocks., waiting an hour to play as to allow for healthh digestion., gut is a huge part of their immunity up to 80% of their health is there in the gut., ph., tap water is s..t for dogs., contaminates galore.x leaves gut well a bit miserable., some dogs even get giardia., oftentimes poor stools., spores have been know to be kn local waters... bottled distilled water is gentle., we also include a tsp of pure unfiltered sugar free cranberry juice to 12 oz of distilled water daily., doing our best to maintain at 6-6.5., Braga ACV is nice tok., a tsp to the same amount of water on e daily., checking ph with strips, healthy digestion is vital as to allow time to properly utilize their nutrients., healthy digestion is about 7-12 hours., it's important never to free feed in the first yesr., in that first year never giving supplements unless directed by vet., most vitamins and nutrients it's better had by whefoods., after the age of one. Natural if your considering one of wholefoods. Wholebody care. Includes neutriceuticals glandulars digestive enzymes antioxidants trace minerals sever strains of lactobacillus ....

    Learning is a gift
    One of the greatest gifts we can give & share with our family & our family Danes

    my word is not written in stone., meaning all Danes are the same., in the same sense you & I are all human beings., taking this into account., we are all very different with different needs too ...

    Learning to your Danes specific needs

    Open your heart & free your mind., there are no limits on what you will find

    I'm still learning ♡

    For the love of Danes♡

    To the Health & Well Being tfor All Danes ♡

    Sincerely I have learned from all the dogs and cats we have shared life

    Books and libraries helped

    Fog shows
    Talking with breeders handlers nutritionists vets ...

    The longest I have ever shared with with any one breed of animal

    Has bern Danes

    For the Love of Danes

    ​​​​​​​Mama Bleu to Mr Benjamin Button Bleu Rescue Dane Extraordinairé ♡

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      I just wanted to add that the bottled water should be of glass. Plastics leech into the water in what is termed micro plastics and accumulates in the body.