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Have to part with my Dane puppies 😣

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  • Have to part with my Dane puppies 😣

    Hi all! I originally joined this group in hopes of learning about our wonderful new Great Dane puppies from experienced Great Dane owners, but we have just learned that my husband has been reassigned at his job and we won't be able to take the puppies with us to our new home, so much to our dismay we are having to re-home them.
    We are hoping to find a wonderful loving home (or homes) for them before Christmas. The girls are 4 months old and the puppies of our friends' AKC registered English Great Dane father and Blue Merle mother.
    We paid $1500 each for them and we would like to re-home them for $800 each (or $1500 for both of them), as we would very much like to find some Great Dane loving people to welcome them into their family for Christmas.
    I can be contacted here (although I'm not very good at navigating this site yet), by email at, or by phone or text at 719-351-7634.
    Thank you, Caregiver
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    The best thing would be to contact a Great Dane rescue.They have the ways and means of screening people and finding appropriate homes.. Rehoming on groups and forums is never a good idea there are way too many crazy , dishonest people out there.
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      Hi, you sound like a BYB masquerading as a loving pet parent, instead of the greedy a-holes that you actually are. Was that too blunt? Stop breeding terrible Dane puppies, and peddling them here. We don't support backyard breeding practices.
      ~ Lisa & Rupert


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        I'm sorry you feel that way.
        We have two sisters and a 2.5 acre fenced lot for them to have lots of room to run that we've been renting for 5 years and weren't planning on moving so we got our wonderful sweet Danes and had no idea my husband's company was planning on opening a new branch in another state and would be relocating some of the employees or we wouldn't have gotten the girls.
        We bought them for $1500 each as they are the offspring of parents with excellent blood lines and hadn't considered breeding them. We have paperwork to substantiate our purchase along with all of their vaccination records, medical records, and registration paperwork.
        We are extremely distraught that we have to re-home them but the new location will not be appropriate for large dogs so we decided that it would be in their best interest to find a better home for them.
        Again, I'm sorry you feel that way but I am in no way being deceptive about them or our rehoming effort.
        Thank you, Caregiver


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          Hi Kahluadanes. I sent you a private message because I'm still learning how to navigate this site and now I figured out how to reply.
          We wanted to thank you for your suggestion as we are new to being Great Dane owners and we weren't aware that it's not a good idea to re-home them in groups or in this forum. We also weren't aware that there were Great Dane rescue organizations, so thank you very much for that suggestion as well. We will definitely look into that as we are faced with a short time frame to find new homes for our girls.