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Need advice on my dane

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    And honest !!!


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      Got a new pup was looking for help . It use to be here but is no longer does that clear up any intent ?


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        Just spoke via cell phone with another veteran member here. Anyone remember Audreys with the harliquin Danes sorry about the spelling just spoke with her she as a gentle soul she can get on here but can neither post or read one .. You know I don't care if God himself created this forum under its it
        ​present circumstances it don't work . If they are working on something I think that would or should be in a list. How long has it been now and veteran people can't respond or even get access to the site. Even by admission from one of you You describe a newby showing up making a couple of post and then they are gone reckon just why that is if you can find time from stroking your own ego long enough to issue a response. I've still yet to be rude or hateful I'll just respond to you as you have to me if thats rude or hateful in your book then I guess that's just the way it will have to be with you.


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          audrey and i communicate via emails almost every day.

          not sure if you're referring to *my* ego but if you are and i told you that you were full of shit, you probably were...

          of course others have noticed the changes here but NOBODY has come in after being absent for a long stretch of time and gotten as hateful (yes, hateful - not colorful) as you have been.

          i'm finished with this thread.



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            If you posted I was talking about you. You think I'm lying in regards to Audrey ask her if we didn't have a phone conversation today . I sure got my doubts you speak to her everyday and she hasnt mentioned it . I don't think you are full of shit I'm convinced good riddance to you .


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              Call me a liar and run and hide why don't you. You sure are just an abundance of help and a piece of work. I've yet to be rude or hateful !