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  • Need advice on my dane

    So I have a 8 month old great dane he was perfect no health conditions or anything and then we got him fixed at 6 months old and he has started peeing in his crate he started this 1 week after getting neutered according to the vet it was a traumatic experience for him even though he said he did wonderful and it is caused him to have separation anxiety towards me my husband works a month at a time away from home the vet said his anxiety is he doesn't like to be away from me not my husband he was kennel trained and house trained before getting neutered and then like I said one week after getting neutered he started peeing in his cage which has been a big clean up mess because he has the 54-inch kennel the biggest you can get he's even taking it way too far now he has managed to break out of his cage when he's in it he can only be in it for an hour and he will break out and I came home from work the other day he had broke out and cut his leg and his hip on the cage so I've been leaving him out during the day now because I don't want him to get hurt he stays loose in my house while I'm at work he is now chewing up all my kids toys even with me shutting the doors he found stuff and just choose it up I don't know what to do the vet put him on medicine and it's not working and if he's going to be out of his crate I need to teach him not to chew I don't want to put him in a crate if he's just going to get hurt breaking out of it I don't want that for him he's a sweet boy loves to be around me and my kids and my husband he just can't for some reason being his cage he just brakes out of it with two locks he doesn't even under the third one and I'm afraid I'm going to come home and see him choked with it I don't know what to do please help I'll take any advice I actually just bought CBD oil for dogs other day and I'm going to try that out on him cuz of his separation anxiety I feel like that Ewan is him being a puppy and also part of his anxiety anyone has any in fast I'm all ears thank you for your time

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    1) he was neutered too young (which is too late now) 2) he was neutered at an age where they often start going through the teen phase... It means training is stepped up. The big thing is dogs do what works for themů behavior is reward driven... His behavior is working for him and he in some way is being rewarded for it even if it is a negative... you need to really assess the situation see what the "reward" is and work to eliminate it and see why the behavior is working for him... It appears your vet may not be all that up on Danes.. I also suggest you get him into obedience classes and get more mental stimulation and more exercise physically..
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