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  • Gunther The Dane

    Hello everyone!

    New to the group and first time Dane owner! We live in Miami with our 5 month old dane, Gunther and 5 month old Bengal kitten, Benji.
    My boyfriend and I moved in this year and we always said we would raise a kitten and puppy together and here we are! Although I've recently joined the group, I've read the forum before and I've found it to be very useful and knowledgeable. Very excited to join the community!


    Just now 😊

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    hi monica and welcome to DOL! the picture you posted is too tiny to see but i can see little gunther in your avatar and he's adorable! i bet you're having a blast with 2 babies to raise.

    if you ever have any questions, just post away and we will see what we can do to help. the forums aren't very active but there are 2 or 3 others who check in regularly.


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      Hi Charlene,

      Yes fun but busy lol
      Thanks for replying, since this is my first dane I will def have a lot of questions



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        i have 4 danes. my youngest is 6, my oldest is 12. i bet you're busier than i am!! mine just mostly sleep.


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          So true
          I'm waiting for Gunther to simmer down but I dont think that will happen anytime soon lol


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            yeaaah, i'd give it another couple of years. LOL

            and now you know why i loooooove the seniors!