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  • Hello from New Mexico

    Thanks for accepting us to the forum.
    Walace (M) and Grommett (F) are now about 5 months old, we picked them up at 11 weeks.
    They are formerly from the Dallas area.
    Both Blacks with white chest spots, socks and toes.
    We visit a couple breweries every week and take our special furbabies with us, they become the highlight of the evening.
    Walace and Grommett crashed I 'Heart' You!!!!

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    welcome to DOL! you are a brave soul to take on 2 dane puppies at a time. they will be a striking pair when they are full grown. right now they're just cute!


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      Welcome to this great site. Our 9 1/2 month F often requires me to consult all these very patient Dane parents. Good luck with all that is ahead. I can honestly state that Danes are absolutely the best companions. Our Lily is so sweet and loving...and most of all bonded to us. You will have all that times 2.


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        Thanks for the encouragement. We are not new the the Dane community, our previous companion was my baby for 11 years and peaked around 225#, these 2 should be a tad smaller (LOL!!).