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    I have a 3.5 month old Blue Merle he is a healthy boy everything seems fine but for some odd reason the past week he starting getting eye boogers regardless of when heís sleeping or just up. Itís a light yellow color and is not transparent. It is sticky and similar to a like a mucus. On the inner corner of his eye lids. My concern is Iíve had him for over 5 weeks and this just started this week out of nowhere. He doesnít run or scratch them they just always need to be cleaned . They kinda look like this. Wondering if anyone deals with this daily?
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    It sounds like he might have a case of conjunctivitis.. consult with your vet to get a proper diagnosis.
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      Have you asked the doctor's assistance? Or just on your own?


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        Didnít even realize people responded to this but it seemed to go away in its one it was just super frequent as a small pup