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    Hello yíall, my name is Dap and I am from Sebastopol, California. Itís in the Northern California area. 45 from San Francisco. Iím new to the Dane community. The last 15 years have been Labradors(breeding and raising). I now have my first Dane she is 3months 12 days. The bitches name is Keva.(Irish meaning is gentle precious and beautiful). I been a long time lurker but decided I need to jump on board, because I do rely on this forum. Right now sheís eating EaglePack large/giant adult dog food. She is 38lbs. Healthy, playful and doing very good. This is my first of many Danes to come.
    Thank you for your time, Nick Dap

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      welcome to DOL! congrats on entering the world of danes. they are wonderful dogs! i have been in dane rescue for 11 years now, i currently have 4 danes (3 rescues, 1 retired show girl).

      unfortunately, posting pictures through DOL just isn't working these days. all we can see are teeny tiny dots. i use IMGUR to post pics. it's easy peasy and very user-friendly.


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        Welcome to the group... I suggest you get your pup on to the puppy formula.. (the days of feeding adult food to a Dane pup is pretty much gone..) You don't need to be concerned with protein but you do need to be concerned with calcium/phosphorous levels and over feeding.
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          Thank you. She hates eaglepack. Now I think about it she doesnít eat. Sheíll skip meals. I have to mix something into it for her to eat it. I have made the switch to TOTW HP PUPPY. Sheís totally in love with it. But me being a worry wort. I know Iím Not going to be liked but I stopped feeding it to her after 2 days because a co worker scared me saying dogs are dying and totw wild isnít good because thereís a lawsuit out for them having LEAD ALOT AT THAT in there food? So sheís on Acana red meat mix. But I think that itís to rich for her. I honestly am just worried and I want her to be healthy and happy with good poop. Sheís had diarrhea for 2-3 days now. I honestly donít know what to do, if anyone can help. Should I continue acana(she eats it if I encourage her) or go back to totw Hp puppy(she loves it wants more all the time). I know itís not good for her to do this but Iím in loss of words and what to do. I have a vet appointment today at 10:30am


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            Vet appointment went okay I suppose. Vet was young and she checked out healthy. But for the constant itching all she said is it could be allergies. Sheís to young to have allergies but it could be. Itís like I donít know what to do now. They told me to try benadryl for a week. Iíll give that a go and see. I switched her to totw because of her not liking eaglepack and I thought it could be chicken allergies. Iím new to Danes. And I know there a very sensitive breed.


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              I honestly forgot to mention. That I was so happy on getting a giant dog and love Danes. I did not do any research before, breeder is from Arkansas that was visiting California with the dog to sell it so it the moment excitement ruled my emotions and got her. Now thinking I should have done my research and known about health clearances and genetics passed down through lines. She didnít have any paperwork, I believe I goofed up and contributed to a BYB. So far sheís growing good healthy and beautiful at 4-1/2 months. I wish pictures worked because I would love to know what everyone thinks of her and her markings(all black with white on chest paws chin and end of tail)