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    Hello yall, my name is Dap and I am from Sebastopol, California. Its in the Northern California area. 45 from San Francisco. Im new to the Dane community. The last 15 years have been Labradors(breeding and raising). I now have my first Dane she is 3months 12 days. The bitches name is Keva.(Irish meaning is gentle precious and beautiful). I been a long time lurker but decided I need to jump on board, because I do rely on this forum. Right now shes eating EaglePack large/giant adult dog food. She is 38lbs. Healthy, playful and doing very good. This is my first of many Danes to come.
    Thank you for your time, Nick Dap

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      welcome to DOL! congrats on entering the world of danes. they are wonderful dogs! i have been in dane rescue for 11 years now, i currently have 4 danes (3 rescues, 1 retired show girl).

      unfortunately, posting pictures through DOL just isn't working these days. all we can see are teeny tiny dots. i use IMGUR to post pics. it's easy peasy and very user-friendly.


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        Welcome to the group... I suggest you get your pup on to the puppy formula.. (the days of feeding adult food to a Dane pup is pretty much gone..) You don't need to be concerned with protein but you do need to be concerned with calcium/phosphorous levels and over feeding.
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